chicken seasoning

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  • Say goodbye to boring grilled chicken.
  • The taste of the Mediterranean in a single jar.
  • A seasoning suitable for the whole family (especially for the little ones).
  • 100% natural.
  • Net weight: 110g.

Cumin, Thyme, Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Oregano, Rosemary, Nutmeg and Curry.

Values calculated for 100g of product

Energetic value: 444kj / 106 kcal
Fat: 3.8g
Of which:
carbohydrates; 13.2g
Of which sugars: 3.4g
Proteins: 3.1g
Salt: 71.56g

You are looking for recipes with that traditional "touch". Let your kitchen be filled with a delicious aroma of thyme and teleport you to the Mediterranean.

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Goodbye monotonous recipes, hello 5-star dishes!

Speed, simplicity in your recipes. Spend less time in the kitchen and get more flavor for your dishes. Introduce El Avion spices and seasonings into your daily life.

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